A New Normal

Mom apparently fell again and hit her head “hard on a dresser.” She casually tells me this over breakfast. She refuses to see the doctor or go to the hospital, so we watch her closely -all day. I can’t see any change, nothing seems different other than she’s generally out-of-sorts.
The neighbor’s mail is on their counter… dad’s glasses are lost… The milk was left in the freezer… and the ice cream under the sink. It takes all of us to help set things right. This is life with my parents downstairs. My mom rings the bell for me to come running then says something like, ” I don’t like these cracker’s” or “the sheets can be changed tomorrow.” Good to know. My dad says many times all day long, “what should I be doing,” “can you fix the tv” or “why is she (mom) upset.”
I sat at my sewing table finishing up some quilts for 2014 graduates. Out the window I saw them walking down to our small lake. My parents, hand in hand safely in my sights. I jumped up and ran to the family room. “Quick kids, come look.” “That’s why we’re doing all this- that’s why we’ve moved here with Grandma and Papa.” I know they are watching and learning. They can see how important it is to me to have my parents within reach. To help them when needed, yet allow them some freedom and privacy.
It’s definitely different now at home… a new normal we call it. Just another adjustment to life as a family. It reminds us of the cycle: we are born and need help, we grow old and need help. And in between, we are called by God to help out others.
It isn’t always easy or convenient, but the sacrifices of love are worth it. God will be your strength and your guide- daily. He is always pleased when we love.
For Glory Sake! –Anna


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  1. LizC says:

    Love the image of the daisy: He loves me.

  2. Tami says:

    Wonderful blog Anna!

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