I read an article recently about the privileged people of America (students in particular studying at Ivy League colleges) and it got me thinking….
With my parents and all their memorabilia and family stories, a way has been prepared for me -to be here -today.
My ancestors and my husband’s survived. They worked hard to prepare a future for their families. Farming, truck driving, wood carving, public speaking, and selling well-water are just some of what’s in our family tree. But it was God who kept them alive and gave them off-spring.
These faded black and white photos I’ve unpacked show hardworking people. Immigrants from one country or another. They’re faces sometimes look stern. They survived disasters and war and lost so many of their children along the way. Yet they kept on going and here we are. By God’s divine hand, He preserved these families – my family… and yours. It’s rather amazing when you think about it.
Of all that I’ve inherited from these people of yesterday (stories, traits, looks etc…), I consider the knowledge of God my greatest treasure.
I am privileged.
You are privileged.
God made a way for each of us to be alive. He has a plan for you and me, today- in this place and at this time.
He went to a lot of work to preserve us! I want to daily thank Him- and enjoy this incredible privilege of life.
For Glory Sake!- AnnaCox Family, 1650 Wilkerson Family, US children in Atlanta

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