I am blessed by this latest trial of my husband’s illness and hospital stay.
Can you imagine anyone saying that? Or really meaning it? But I am quite serious- I really feel blessed. James says to “count it all joy” in the trials of our lives. Back in 2010 (the colon cancer days) I thought long and hard about those words. I had a long time to think about it too… because the trials just kept coming.
But those struggles and strains taught me something, God was working and “doing” in me all the time -as I was willing to look for it.
I was going to change no matter what, and I was determined for all the strain to be worth something good. After all He promised!
How am I blessed in trials? Here’s a list I drew up today:
I’m blessed to weather another storm
To see again God’s faithfulness 1st hand
To exercise trust
To lean-in and be held
To ask for help and humbly accept it (really hard at 1st)
To graciously receive/allow others to serve
To be at peace, spread hope & joy beyond my current circumstances
To center, focus, relax in-spite
To look for good in the midst (like a game)
To seek to be a blessing
Take one moment at a time!
Discipline my mind & heart
To force myself to wait on God
Allow God to be God- totally and completely sovereign
There ARE blessing in the trials. More so even than in the easy good times. I’m not praying for more hard stuff, but I will count it for what it brings. Treasure this world can’t hold. To God be the glory.
-For Glory Sake! Anna
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