Stop Everything!

God’s timing is a curious thing. There’s no figuring it at the moment, but sometimes …looking back the fuzziness clears and a lightbulb turns on.
I’m in the fuzzy part right now.
My husband, David, his bro-n-law, one of our sons and a cousin all went on a whirlwind spring-break see-colleges trip. Crossing from TX, about mid-Mississippi, David complained of cramping… never fun, then pain in the lower abdomen… definitely NOT what you want to hear from a colon cancer survivor! Pain leapt from a 2 to a 10 on the ouch scale and soon lots of folks were involved.
His surgeon from 2010 beckoned him back to Birmingham and steadily they made their way to the ER at St Vincent’s.
We wait now in a hospital room receiving pain meds every 2 hours in hopes the blockage will pass naturally without surgery. Everything has stopped with the move. Houses and people are all on hold.
3 days is what they’re giving him, no food, only ice chips & lots of rest.
Not what we had planned. Interesting to say the least.
…and Yet God ( my favorite phrase!) is still Sovereign and on His Thrown. He knows my name and loves my husband more than I do. I can trust Him completely, fully – today and tomorrow! You can too.
For Glory Sake- Anna


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