Our first moving day is finally here! Keys to the new house are in hand and we can begin this crazy adventure. It feels like it’s been a long process, trying to decide when and how to move my parents.

Many changes have occurred since 2009. We’ve weathered quite a few storms and all throughout our own saga, my parent’s health was declining. It’s like a game of catch-up, which I’m told is typical of dementia. You never quite know where you stand with this disease. Doctors can only tell which kind of dementia it is by how it progresses. It’s just wait and see.

As fast as my father is regressing, they now think he has Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s… or both. Medications have not slowed his progression. His muscles are tightening in his back and hamstrings. My mother’s seems more stable. Although she is more unsteady on her feet, an affect of hydrocephalus.

This past winter, being snowed in with my parents, we realized they could not be left by themselves any longer. This move can not happen fast enough. We are in full swing for the final push to get everything set up. God, the Giver of every good thing, an ever present help in time of trouble will help us.

For Glory Sake!Anna

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