Our first moving day is finally here… Keys will be in hand soon and we can begin this new adventure…
It feels like it’s been a long process getting here; deciding it was time.
My parents decline began back in 2009, but God took us further down our individual paths before showing all of us it was time to move in together.
We have weathered quite a few storms since then! David’s colon cancer was a big one for sure. And our financial loss from all of his surgeries and time from work was another. Our son’s drug addiction discovery at 15 and his recovery has yet been another huge mountain (He’s 2 years sober now -What an amazing young man of God!). All throughout our own saga, my parents health declined and my care for them increased.
This past winter as our son took on the caregiver role as well, we realized this would be easier having them closer.
So here I sit, waiting on keys for a “new” house for all of us! Something only God could put together.
It’s His miraculous story and I’m honored to play a part in it. He’s prepared the way… all the way! He is the giver of every good thing, an ever present help in time of trouble.
God is so close- do you realize it?
He is always speaking- can you hear it?
He offers peace, hope, rest, comfort constantly- will you take it?
There is no other life than through Jesus- won’t you receive it?

For Glory Sake-Anna


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