Hope For Tomorrow

Moving! I swing from excited anticipation, to mild panic, to just being plain overwhelmed. Boxes are piling up at 2 houses and still, there’s more to do. Friends stop by and see the progress… I see the mess. Can’t vacuum, can’t dust, and there’s always another file to go through.

I have come to realize, that my dad was having dementia issues since 2010. Going through his office files has been shocking and distressing. It’s now past the time when he can answer my questions. I wish we had gotten involved sooner. 20/20 hind-sight….

This past week also brought a series of mechanical breakdowns- we had 2 older cars die. What are the odds? And I had to have a root canal. Fun. Wouldn’t it be nice if life slowed down so we could focus on just one thing at a time? Yet it seems everything keeps coming with no thought to my deadlines. 

It’s a comfort to know God is still on The Thrown. He does not sleep, and He even with all His other concerns, He remembers me. I can hardly grasp that my days were written in His book, and He has good plans for me to walk in. Strength for today and a promise to use all of this is there too. Completeness through perseverance is assured.

Only God can do that. Only He would. Whatever comes, I am not alone. There’s Joy and Peace and Hope for tomorrow!

For GlorySake! -Anna

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