Hope For Tomorrow

Moving- I swing from excited anticipation to mild panic to just being plain overwhelmed! Boxes are piling up at 2 houses and still there’s more to do. Friends stop by and see the progress… I just see the mess! Can’t vacuum or dust :/ and there always seems to be another file to sort!
This past week -through a series of mechanical breakdowns- we lost 2 old cars! What are the odds? I also had to have a root canal and during the follow up x-rays, it was discovered that 3 of my 10 year old crowns need replacing (ASAP) -Hah!
Wouldn’t it be nice if life slowed down to focus on just one major event at a time? Ah, but it seems that things continue to happen without regard to my schedule.
It is such a comfort to me to know no matter what the week brings God is ALWAYS on His thrown, He does not sleep and He (with all His other concerns) thinks of little ol me and my whirling chaos.
I can hardly grasp that He plans my day, offers me strength and all the while uses it to continue the changes in me I’m so badly in need of.
Only God can do that… would do that. Whatever comes next, I’m not alone. I’ve been offered joy and peace and HOPE for tomorrow! You have too 🙂

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