Sorting continues… throw out… give away… drop off… box up! Day in, day out my mind is running. I’m constantly organizing and evaluating, going through items in my head. It’s hard to turn off. I have come to know for certain –we all keep too much stuff!

By the time our relocation occurs I hope to have reduced both households by half… my parents probably more. It was difficult for me to let go of things at first, but seeing all my parents have accumulated over 57 years encouraged me to lighten our load.

My break-through came when I let go of 13 years of homeschool materials. It was like someone opened a floodgate. I don’t regret it -I actually enjoyed it. From there I filled up our suburban front to back with extras of anything. I just keep asking myself – when was the last time we used this?

Giving it away: to a recovery program, a women’s shelter, a animal shelter has become fun! They are always so grateful. This helped me to start pulling similar items out of closets and onto the floor, in piles, asking the kids to pick out their favorites. This then started them letting go as well.

How does it happen, this accumulation of stuff and more stuff? From what I can tell… bit by bit, over holiday, birthdays, constant purchasing. I’m on overload right now, but I hope I will stay sensitive once this is all past.

Feeling a little lighter –

ForGlorySake! -Anna

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  1. LizC says:

    The Message (for the sacred word and the not-so-sacred translation): “Ah, God, listen to my prayer, my cry—open your ears. Don’t be callous; just look at these tears of mine. I’m a stranger here. I don’t know my way— a migrant like my whole family. Give me a break, cut me some slack before it’s too late and I’m out of here.” (Psalm 39:12, 13 MSG)

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