Happy Health- Goodbye Scleritis

Wow! January of last year I was just beginning my experiment with veganism …after suffering some terrific pain on the left side of my face. My self-diagnosis ranged from sinus infection to a long overdue root canal.

Both were wrong!

My husband had the idea of consulting his Opthomalogist. An email with photos resulted in an emergency appointment on a Sunday afternoon (thanks doc!) Diagnosis: Scleritis. No cause, No cure, just control… via steroids :/

2 months later, my eye was clear and pain-free, but the side-effects from those meds overwhelmed me. I had to get off that stuff! Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat To Live (an immune boosting diet) saved my health. A full 60 day Vegan-fast turned into a new way of eating and viewing food. It’s God’s pharmacy.

Today I eat a primarily plant-based diet, full of taste and variety. I’m gluten-free and 90% dairy-free (occasional raw cheese). I love to exercise and bake, avoiding processed foods by making my own stuff.  I love trying new superfoods.

Boosting my immune system has been a daily goal. Keeping healthy snacks on hand really helps! Trying a new recipe each week keeps me motivated also. There is so much out there on Pinterest. Information abounds!

Check out:

  • healingstrong.com.
  •  Eat to live recipes (Dr. Fuhrman)

GBOMBS: (daily must-haves)
Green leafy veggies
Beans(pinto, kidney, black etc…)
Onions (all kinds)
Berries (try frozen)
Seeds (especially Chia and Flax)

Don’t be shy, pile them high! Eat something healthy

ForGlorySake! -Anna

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  1. Thanks for the encouragement, Celeste!

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