A Balancing Act

Before my alarm goes off, I wake up and thank God for a new day. Silently I ask Him to help me with whatever lies ahead… Which day is it? One that I care for my parents or am I working for David? No matter, it’ll be full. “God give me strength. Make me a blessing.” 

Up for coffee, I get all the kids off to school, then the race starts… workout, shower, dress and drive to Atlanta today. Life is totally different from our homeschooling days – books, babies and toddlers, 24/7 busyness at home. The kids are more independent now. Still life is incredibly busy.

Taking care of my parents on a weekly basis involves a lot of balancing schedules. It never seems to be a good time to leave home and take care of them, and it’s never a good time to leave my parents and drive back. Ben just quit his job at a grocery store to help 3 days a week. Between us, we are there all 7 days.

They are becoming more and more childlike. It’s been a fine line, between respecting their decisions as adults and making necessary changes for their safety and wellbeing. We are trying different solutions, learning together by trial and error. The biggest hurtle? Dementia keeps changing the rules.

God knows we can’t do this forever, and so I’m trusting Him with what’s ahead. There always seems to be just enough energy and time. This chapter in our lives is unfamiliar. I’m trying to be flexible. With so much change, I sure am thankful God stays the same.

 ForGlorysake! – Anna

“My life constantly hangs in the balance, but I will not stop obeying Your instruction.” Psalms 119:109

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2 Responses to A Balancing Act

  1. LizC says:

    I enjoyed this metaphor: I trust His choreography. Quite powerful imagery for a dancer.

  2. Cause we can relate to some bad directors! Haha

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