A New Year

A new year crept us on us last night… At 11:59 to be exact. Before I could gather all my thoughts, it was simply here and the clock without any reverence went right on ticking like it was no big deal.
But to me it was a huge and momentous big deal! My family had been fed and cared for another WHOLE year (that always seems miraculous to me -not just the provision of it all, but the actual working out of it!). They are all still near enough to hug (I need that!).Our precious son is 642 days sober(!!!), celebrating the holiday with his large group of Insight buddies. My husband is cancer free 3 years and able to celebrate 25 years of marriage with me! My parents have made it another year with pretty good health. God has seen us through so many struggles and stresses of everyday life, bringing glory to His name as each concern has worked out and we’ve learned (again) to laugh and trust Him more.
He is really the biggest miracle. Just the fact that He cares and listens and has a plan for us and doesn’t give up when we don’t get it!
He lavishes and blesses us through the messes and cultivates and waits ever so patiently.
Why? Are we really worth all the effort? He must see far more potential than I can imagine, but how thankful I am! His love sustains me, teaches me, grows us all into something more than can be fully grasped today. What a ride being tied to His heart!
“LORD, what a thrill it is to be connected with You. You are the One behind our many blessings. Keep working on us and help me to see how better to cooperate in all You’re doing. Thank You for milestones that show us how far we’ve come and that encourage us to move ahead. Glory to You last year and this new one!” –Anna


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