As part of a giving campaign with our church, my women’s Biblestudy made meals for families who foster. I can’t tell you how special it was to come bearing dinner for these folks! They were so incredibly appreciative. I didn’t know much about this unique group of people who risk their hearts and their families for someone else’s children.

These parents don’t always know when a child will come or how long they will stay. Yet they open their arms. I saw beautiful perfect babies and some with extreme special-needs. Each family, however seemed lovingly committed. In a couple of homes the foster children were already in the process of being adopted!

Our part was easy – cooking, assembling and dropping off a few meals. I swapped hugs and stories and asked for prayer requests. We were told there are other small ways to support, like helping out in home with laundry or organizing. Babysitting requires registration with DFACS and a background check. Respite requires classes and a home inspection to host children for a weekend.

Even though our family found kids through more unconventional ways, there are so many children caught in the foster system. It was good to see that anyone can help make a difference. Faithbridge Foster Care is just one organization connecting foster families to support –

God, bless all the children in the foster system and the families that provide homes. Give them wisdom, grace and patience today. Help us to have courage to do what we can in Your name. Children are a gift.

ForGlorySake! -Anna

Children are a gift from God
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