God is Bigger Still

These last 2 weeks have seemed particularly emotional ones. My father’s mind is slipping deeper and deeper into dementia and my mother’s frailty seems more acute. A close precious friend is suffering the terrible side effects of throat radiation (!) and acquaintances through the drug rehab group are faced with some overwhelming and life-changing circumstances. Big issues loom all around us. They come in every form. It can seem overwhelming and in a heartbeat hopelessness suddenly creeps in. But God is bigger still! His depth and height and width are literally unfathomable! Think of it…
sadness over pain,
or frustration over a hard heart,
anger at horrid injustice,
or hopes for mercy and rescue,
desire for change,
even joy over new life,
They’re only fingernail bits of what God feels. I can hardly imagine the largeness of His pain, frustration, anger, hope, desire or joy over these same matters. I’d be completely undone at the true depth of all that emotion. The Holy Spirit gives me a “smidge,” just what I can handle. I feel, because God’s made me in His image… and it’s good! My emotions are God-given, and when I submit them to Him, God-directed. Even though I see in part and know in part, He knows the whole story; all the past, present and the future! I need not fear or lose hope with Him in charge.
“Thank You, Father for giving me emotions and letting me share just a bit of what your heart must feel. Direct my heart so that I can see the hopeFULness of each situation. You are sovereign and I praise You for feeling more and being BIGGER than anything I can imagine.”  -Anna

Sarah's Art :  Faith, Hope, Love

Sarah’s Art :
Faith, Hope, Love

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