Where You Don't Want to Go

Last week I woke to the distinct impression of God telling me He was taking me where, “you don’t want to go.” What a strange and unsettling thing to hear. I wondered deeply about it. Feeling like I’d been here before… I Immediately asked Him to prepare my heart.

My day moved forward with a few small glitches, but nothing out of the ordinary. Then before it was over, I knew. My dear, sweet friend who has suffered from late stage lung cancer received the incredible news that her lungs were miraculously clear! Before anyone could raise a whoop however, her Dr. found a new tumor on her spine- What? Really?

10 days of radiation began, and this amazing independent woman, has allowed me to go with her to some of those treatments. I entered her world and her unbearable pain. All of a sudden I was transported back to my husband’s bedside for those many months, wondering when it would end, why was this happening, would there be healing?

I cried fresh tears from an old wound.

Then He reminded me… “I asked you to go, because you understand. You don’t have to carry her, I am. You don’t have to stress about Me hearing, because you know. Just be her friend and love with My love.”

Oh, how I love my Savior. He cares about my friend’s suffering, just like He cared about my husband’s. Nothing escapes His watchful eye. It is not easy and I still don’t understand, but I trust Him to go with us wherever He calls. Always in His strength.

Always ForGlorySake!Anna

Fall 2013
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  1. He is our ever-present Shepherd, even through the dark valleys of life. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Yes an ever-present help in troubles. BTW I always enjoy your blog!

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