Without a doubt

We were supposed to get there before it started, but anytime my husband and I try to slip away while kids are at home, it just seems to take longer.

We quickly crossed the parking lot of the large warehouse church and entered their main auditorium. Where was he? Neither of us could locate our tall 17 year old and his group of friends. Music started.

Nothing to do now but find a place. I was really disappointed that we hadn’t been able to meet up and sit together. Wonderful worship filled the darkened room- all the the words were directed straight at God.

David and I caught our breath at the same moment. No doubt those were our son’s long arms, thick wrists and big hands. He was front and center reaching up! With no voice left, I could not stop the tears.

It’s hard to explain what it means to see him doing that. This child who should be dead, yet now is alive. This kid who was so lost but now is found. Sober. Loving. Serving. We have been given more time with him. A miracle.

How can I ever doubt God about anything? He’s taken every argument away. He’s redeemed what seemed hopeless. He’s put our family back together. But then that’s His business- making us into the image of His Son, 

ForGlorySake! -Anna

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  1. I can thank you enough for being there for Ben when he needed it most. Your family’s acceptance and support of him has meant so much. XOX

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