Quite a Tale

Once again today, I found myself explaining to an old friend (that I hadn’t seen some 10+ years) who the big brunette guy is in our family photo of blondies.
It never fails, the next question following is, “Well, where did he come from; how did you get him?” This invariably leads to explaining about our son, Ben, who has this knack for collecting and bringing people home… and how we have had many kids stay with us off and on over the years, it’s just that this one was a particularly good fit, wanted to live with us and could!
The next question is usually “Where does Ben meet all these boys and how do they just get to stay with you?”… That answer gets a little more involved because it has changed over the years. The bottom line being, this is how God wired him and our family just rolls with it. Right here I could stop, if  I could simply leave this statement hanging.
Not a chance, therefore I end up telling about the amazing Insight program he is involved with now, and the incredible kids we have the opportunity to met because of it. This however, can only be understood by telling Ben’s story of addiction and recovery… which of course all came to light during my husband, David’s battle with colon cancer… during which we lost all of our savings and financial stability, resulting in the incredibly humbling experience of relying on the gracious generosity of others. Life was such a mess.
But you see, it was through each of these trials that God proved Himself to us: showing His faithfulness, leading us forward one step at a time and providing sanity for the very moment we needed it. To tell the entire story in one big rush is rather -overwhelming, yet to leave anything out is to skip some of His Glory.
I remember living it -second by slow second, completely blind to what was coming next. It’s only now, looking back that I am truly astounded by what God asked us to do and how He provided for each our needs, one small seed at a time.
What a tale of tragedy and blessings, hurt and healing. I can not share it without a lump in my throat complete with tears of joy.
Be careful if you meet me and start asking questions… you might get a little more than you bargained for. To Him be the Glory! –Anna

an Etheriedge birthday

an Etheriedge birthday

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