Cheerful Giving

I just finished In a Heartbeat, Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy’s book on cheerful giving, They are the parents of Michael Oher, from the movie, The Blindside. A favorite!

I enjoyed their book so much because it is in their own words. I feel freshly challenged to look at the new opportunities of giving that have “popped up” in my path. They call this type of cheerful giving “The Popcorn Theory.” Not so much about money as using yourself and your talents. 

I’ve felt a little thrown in the popper this year. Faced with unique challenges that fell in my lap, yet I couldn’t see that I had any talent for them. Working for my husband’s law practice and caring for my parents? Maybe I just needed was an open mind and willing spirit.

I’m trying to “let go and let God” have my schedule completely, I want to discover joy in seeing how I can be used. God will develop those gifts. It is so important to feel useful; to have purpose. God knows me well and just where I’m best suited.

Time is flying by, I see our crew becoming more and more independent, while my parents need more and more attention. Nurturing love is critical… no matter the age. My own ideas aside, I have a new role. I thought God would send me another child, instead He has brought us caregiving of a different kind.

I’m thankful to be called on. Stretching as it is – I pray I do a good job. Cheerfully giving with His help.


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