Cheerful Giving

I just finished Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy’s book on cheerful giving, In a Heartbeat. They’re the parents of Michael Oher, on whom the movie, The Blindside, was based.
I loved the movie and even more-so enjoyed their book in their own words. I’ve felt freshly challenged to look for new opportunities to give that simply “pop up” in my path. It’s not so much about money as it is about one’s self. The Tuohy’s have coined this method of giving “The Popcorn Theory.”
This year has brought me a few interesting challenges I wasn’t counting on. I somehow saw myself being used differently, and yet corn was popping in my face -or rather things that needed my direct attention. What I needed was an attitude adjustment.
When I finally “let go and let God” have my time completely, I discovered unbelievable joy in seeing my talents be used and gifts develop! It is so important to feel useful; every day to have purpose. God knows that about us and just where we are best suited.
For years I was a stay-at-home/homeschooling mom to 5 adorable and demanding children. David and I began to open our doors to other kids and ended up adding one of those to our family -permanently. As time flies by, I see my brood becoming more and more independent, still there are always those in need of family ties and some motherly love… no matter the age 😉
So, my own agenda aside, I thank God for the gifts He’s given me and I’m finding renewed fulfillment in trusting my days to His use. Since He put me together, I figure He knows best where and how I can do my thing. He will use you too in such unexpected ways if you allow Him total control of your abilities and time (-even at work). Watch what He does.
Cheerful giving is made easy in the hands of God. –Annaadmin-ajax.php

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