Stretching With Change

Life has this way of changing… again and again and again. Just when things get good and comfortable, workable (though not necessarily “ideal”), different happens. As a former ballerina, I know how critical flexibility is and how quickly it’s lost if we stop stretching!
The older I get the more stiff I become. When it comes to change, I’m feeling a bit stiff there too. I don’t mind so much when I’m the one choosing it -after long and careful consideration, but things just popping up unexpectedly?? Not a big fan!
Walking with God for some 32 years now has taught me to expect the unexpected. He seems always to be up to something, but unless I stay tuned-in, continually watching for clues, I may be the last to know.
In the blink of an eye a situation can change from good to seemingly bad or “bad” to good. I write it that way because I believe God is always out for our overall good (Romans 8:38).
He is weaving, He is working, continually moving through life’s innumerable details. Each scenario, every encounter, down to all of our phone calls and texts, God is attentively aware of how these too can be used for our good and His Glory.
So why should I worry over change or be bothered by different? Why should I be surprised when new opportunities call for my specific gifts? God is sovereign (!) every day, every hour, every moment and He has a great plan. All I need do is Trust Him & stay flexible.

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