Good Eats

Yes, I survived the summer gluten-free, 90% vegan and no chemicals (GMOs). I have learned to shop well (cheaper), plan ahead with on-the-go snacks (Lara Bar or fruit) and learned that fighting the sugar-habits of the US is a daily affair.

If I taste a sweet I just want more! Raisins are an amazing substitute for that craving or a cup of frozen fruit (especially grapes). When eating out I steer away from gluten, but I have had a bit of dairy -and a couple of times raw sushi.

Even traveling, this lifestyle is doable. My family started making better choices as well. They see what I eat and want to try it. I make what I love available to anyone interested. Frozen fruit in the blender is probably their favorite. And most will take a few stabs of my giant salad. I also find the various bags of raw nuts I keep in the freezer dipped into. 🙂

Fresh, warm GF muffins are hard to resist. The only problem is they draw a crowd in the kitchen. I’ve learned to just double or triple the batch. These never seem to come out the same way twice, as everything I have on hand goes in (spices, chia & flax seeds, nuts and dried fruit… etc). Whatever it is, they eat them.

I’ve been mixing my own gluten-free flour and storing it in a bag in the freezer. It takes about 10 mins to run all the GF grains through my Whisper Mill. Way cheaper than buying pre-mixed. My eye has stayed clear of any signs of scleritis (Thank God!) and I have not had a sniffle in a long time. So, Go Kale! and Fruit! and Veggies of all kinds! Good produce wins again.

ForGlorySake! -Anna

My splurge at the beach- unwrapped sushi: spinach, rice, raw tuna, avocado. Wasabi & lime. Delish!
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