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Yes, I survived the summer 90% gluten-free, vegan and chemical-free (No GMOs). I have learned to shop well (and cheap!), plan ahead with snacks for on-the-go (fruit or a Lara Bar) and… I’ve learned that fighting the sugar-habit is a daily affair. The more sweets I eat the more I want!! Raisins have been an amazing substitute for my afternoon sweet tooth, otherwise I still love a cup of frozen fruit (especially grapes!). When eating out I will not compromise on gluten, but I have with dairy -and sometimes seafood, such as raw sushi.

This lifestyle is doable. My family is making better choices as well. Not because I force it, but because they see what I eat and I make what I am having available to anyone willing to taste. Frozen fruit in the blender or food processor is a fav. and most will take a few stabs at my giant salad as I have it beside me for the better portion of the day.  I’ve also found my raw nuts (I keep in the freezer) dipped into. 🙂 Usually walnut, pecans or almonds (I rotate purchasing). I have become a master at GF muffins, if I do say so myself. Everything goes in but the kitchen sink (spices, chia & flax seeds, nuts and dried fruit). The only problem is they never come out the same way twice yet everyone loves them! ..I make muffins a lot!!!

I’ve been mixing my own GF flour and storing it in a bag in the freezer. It takes about 10 mins to whip up a batch and 10mins to cook. I try to limit myself to about 3 or 4 mini muffins a day. Oddly enough, I am NOT skin and bones. My weight has remained what it has been since I finished having babies, 11 years ago. Not too fat, not too thin. It could just be a slower metabolism, but I feel that I’m getting the nutrition I need on a daily basis. My eye is clear (Praise God!) and I have not been sick in a long time. So, YAY Kale! and Fruit! and Veggies of all kinds! God’s good produce wins again.

I’m a big fan of the plant-based diet and if you want to drop by, I’ll show you what I eat and we can share a bite 🙂

unwrapped sushi

unwrapped sushi

This is a cool inside-out sushi dish I tried at the beach. It’s spinach piled with rice, avocado chunks and raw fish. Wasabi and lime were on the side. Soy sauce was available, but I skipped it -usually contains gluten. DELICIOUS!

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