Once Again -Acceptance

 Last night we sat in a large circle with other parents of kids in recovery. Sharing desires and thoughts on the topic of the night, a counselor was present to keep everyone on track, and to occasionally throw in their two cents.

As the stories and struggles unfolded, it reminded me of so much mess we can’t see. I thought of our plumbing issues. When our house was built a little bit of glue was forgotten in the exit tubing of our sewage pipe. Because it was buried 12 ft. underground, no one had a clue of the disaster happening just outside.

The first signs of trouble came 5 years post move-in, when waste water bubbled up in the basement bathtub! Lots of panic ensued and $4000 later, as Bob and Larry uncovered our poop cavern with a backhoe… a cheap $4 tube of glue corrected the problem.

These troubles we hash out weekly are messes we didn’t see coming. Precious babies, adorable children, yet something changed. Who’s fault was it? Lots of whys. And still it’s in acceptance, I find peace. Be still and know He is God. Just do the next thing. Hope in the LORD. Trust God with the outcome.

Catch phrases I used during this crappy situation in our life. Our child is sober today. Many others are not. We have been where these parents sit… it’s gut wrenching. Letting go and letting God dig up the mess is the only hope for repair.

For Glory Sake! -Anna

Fertilizer always makes the flowers grow 🙂
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