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I have written about acceptance several times before. I probably should create a separate category, although it seems to flow right in to “Trust” and so these blogs fall there. Last night at our weekly parent support group for recovering addicts (very similar to an “al anon” meeting) acceptance was the topic. We sit in a large circle with other parents of kids in the same recovery program and share as desired our thoughts on whatever the topic of the night is. A counselor is usually present to throw their two cents in and keep us on track.
As the stories and struggles flowed of new and old parents to the program, I immediately thought of our plumbing issues and told them all how it reminded me of acceptance. When our house was built a small bit of glue was forgotten in the exit tubing from our home. Because it was hidden some 12 ft. underground, we had no clue the sewage line had separated and waste was accumulating in a cavern under our yard. Our first signs of trouble came 5 years after move-in, when yucky (!!!) water bubbled up in the basement bathtub. Never a good sign. $4000 later, when Bob and Larry with backhoe and $4 glue corrected the problem, toilets, showers and sinks once again beautifully did their job!
Even though, we have never had to dig up bushes again, if a toilets or drain is sluggish, David and I look at each other with the same question, “How far will this go?” Tuesday night it went as far as clean water bubbling up in the basement bathtub, a trip to Home Depot for one of those auto snake things, and a long time spent over a clean-out line until we hit the clog (T.M.I.) and pushed it through. Lesson learned: So many people staying in this house require multiple signs regarding what NOT to flush!
Acceptance lesson was, “Stay calm, pray for God’s help while you do what you can. Do the next thing as it arrives. Don’t give up (even when your rental breaks down halfway through and you have to get another machine), keep at the job and ask God what you’re supposed to be learning here, rely on His strength when you can’t go on, and last, trust the results to Him. This is how we’ve made it through all of the “crappy” situations in our family (excuse the term, if it offends). God has seen us through, no matter the mess. Acceptance is letting go and letting Him do His thing, For Glory Sake! -Anna

Fertilizer always makes the flowers grow!

Fertilizer always makes the flowers more beautiful!

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