So Long Insecurity!

Ever exchange a negative habit for a positive one? I’ve heard it takes about 30 days…
When I met my husband at 21, we had a whirlwind romance that jumped right in to sharing our deepest thoughts and feelings. David was astonished to find out I played and replayed terribly mental recordings in my head. I put myself down, cut myself up and was brutally critical. I’d never shared these with anyone before, so he was the first person to tell me how crippling thoughts like these are. He challenged me to turn them off by showing me what God thought of me and how much He loves me.
It was David’s persistent, unconditional love and constant use of God’s words (over time) that changed my thinking patterns. My husband has been so very LONG-SUFFERING!!! We joke and say that he’s saved us 1000’s of dollars in counseling! God knew I needed a tangible person speaking His Word directly to me. He knew I needed someone I could fully trust to explain that my thoughts were unfounded.
What used to be a DAILY struggle “to take every thought captive” comes more easily now. I have learned what situations cause me trouble and I avoid those like the plague! It definitely took MORE than 30 days, but less than 30 years.
I write this an encouragement for anyone who suffers with self-conscious insecurity. There is hope and it’s in God’s Word. God bless ALL of you long-suffering encouraging spouses out there. Don’t give up on your mate! And for anyone struggling to be thankful with who and how God made you… hang in there a new habit is coming! –Anna

-I highly recommend SO Long Insecurity- you’ve been a bad friend to us By Beth Moore. It’s EXCELLENT!

Soaking in the Word

Soaking in the Word

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