Thoughts and Plans

I lie awake thinking of You, meditating on You through the night. Psalms 63:6 
Technically I grew up with air-conditioning, however, my parents used it as a last resort. Sometime in late July or August they would turn it on… occasionally, not 24/7. I remember lying in my attic bedroom enjoying the loud attic fan above me, as it sucked in damp air from outside. Dreading the moment it would turn off, I listened for the ticks of the timer before it stopped.

Last night I lay awake again, having forgotten how hot June can be. The upstairs AC unit is out and money for repairs has not been available. The days and nights are growing long. I began thinking of God, wondering what He was thinking of me. I know He thinks of me from Psalm 139. Sometimes I just want a reminder that what I’m living through is not only known by God, but He’s with me in it, ready to teach me something.

I began to pray, Lord, show me how You’ve been thinking of me, and what You’ve planned for these moments. I know nothing separates me from Your loving kindness (Isaiah 54:10). Moments later, my sweet husband rolled over to snuggle and say what a joy it was to wake up close. I marveled. I knew God was answering my prayer. He was showing me again, that He had provided for me in a mate. Someone special to walk through life with. A best friend to share all these crazy things. How gracious, how precious. 

With our open windows, we heard birds chirping everywhere outside. Another moment I would have missed with the AC on.  The air had cooled considerably in the house and we both were suddenly so thankful for the pleasant early morning, we grabbed hands to pray at the same moment. Yet another blessing God gave. We shared thankfulness, joy in each other and hope for a new day. We shared Jesus.

By this point I was completely overwhelmed with how God had answered my prayer, and filled my heart to bursting. Forgiven, whole, free… His thoughts are too wonderful. I couldn’t say another word. God had shown me his thoughts and plans. Intimate, personal, carefully crafted. More lovingkindness than I fathomed. Bring on the day, God thinks of me!

ForGlorySake! –Anna

For the mountains may be removed and the hills may shake, But My lovingkindness will not be removed from you… Isaiah 54:10
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