Thoughts and Plans

I lie awake thinking of You, meditating on You through the night. Psalms 63:6 
Even though I grew up without air-conditioning, I’ve forgotten how hot June can be in Georgia. One of the units has gone out at our house, and money for repairs has just not been available. The days and nights grow long. As I lay awake thinking of God, I wondered what He thought of me. I know that He has thoughts and plans for me… good ones even; far beyond anything I could possibly imagine. Still I wanted to catch a glimpse of some of these thoughts He continually has and good plans He’s so carefully prepared (Ps. 40:17, Jer. 29:11, Eph. 2:10, Is. 55:9). Sometimes we need to be reminded that the things we are living through, loads we are carrying are not just acknowledged by God, but intimately known and carefully measured! So I began to pray, “Lord, show me today, that You’ve been thinking of me, and how You’ve planned out these moments, so I can be encouraged again that nothing separates me from Your love (Rom. 8:35).” Only moments later, my sweet husband rolled over to snuggle and say what a joy it was to wake up close by. I marveled, God had planned that for me! Not simply the moment, but the fact of him.. of us. He had thought us up. We heard birds chirping everywhere outside our open windows and I marveled again, God had planned that for me! The creation of them, my ears to hear and even our windows wide open to enjoy their symphony. The air had cooled considerably in the house and we were suddenly both so thankful for the pleasant freshness of early morning we grabbed hands to pray. God had planned this too! Not just the godly man that lead me in prayer, or the knowledge to know that we could pray, but the Way He had made for us to get to Him in prayer. He had provided me Jesus.  I am forgiven, I am whole, I am free because of Him. He has made a Hope beyond earthly hope available to everyone. By this point I was completely overwhelmed with how God had answered my prayer, filling my mind with blessing after blessing of all He’s done for me. His thoughts were too wonderful, I couldn’t say a word. The burdens I carried hadn’t changed, the struggles of the day were still coming, but my perspective was suddenly all different. He had plans and thoughts for me!… intimate, personal, carefully measured and so very, very full of love. Be blessed, He loves you too. ~Anna

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