What if you had a deep sense that Jesus was sitting right across the table from you when you pray… or that He’s walking beside you while you talk to Him? This might be a silly question, but it’s had a profound impact on my prayer life. When I picture Him sitting there, looking at me eye to eye, it’s like talking to one of my friends. When a friend and I walk, we talk about whatever. I share and they share. Sometimes we’re just quiet, but usually it’s all about relating news of friends and family or something I’ve learned about, maybe a question I’m pondering. I have used this same easy back and forth conversation flow for my prayer life and it’s helped me a lot.
You may say, “Well, Jesus doesn’t talk back to me.” I beg to differ. I think He speaks a lot, it’s just that we don’t hear Him. The Bible’s pretty clear about God’s Holy Spirit residing inside the follower of Christ. He’s called the Counselor and Advisor to the believer. To me He’s like a radio station that I’m searching for; trying to tune in to it’s frequency. The more I zone in, the easier it becomes to hear what He’s saying.
I purpose to stay familiar with God’s word, so I’ll be able to tell if what I’m hearing is something He’d say. I ramble on, telling Jesus my thoughts and concerns, then Scripture will jump to my mind getting to the heart of the matter. I take those thoughts/moments very personally. Even songs that touch my heavy heart at just the right moment are messages to me. It’s like the Jesus Calling, devotional by Sarah Young. She writes as though Jesus were speaking directly to you and it’s all based  on God’s Word. Wherever I am or whatever I’m doing, all day long, it’s a continual conversation. More than talking to myself, I believe He is there “across the table,” listening and interacting.
And when I don’t have anything but emotion to offer? That same Holy Spirit intercedes for me with groanings too deep for words. He becomes the interpreter of my tears and sighs, unloading into God’s lap all the feelings I can’t express. Prayer is raw. Prayer is as honest as you can get. It grows and develops and becomes like a heart-beat… involuntary. Be warned however: your life will change when you realize… He’s actually speaking in return! Prayer’s the most insane privilege that gives ridiculous Hope! We can talk with God and He has something to say. -Anna


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