Vegan, Vegetarian, Fruitarian… and so on.

These terms are becoming more and more familiar to me as I read on… and believe me there’s a lot to read! However, the definitions vary depending on who you’re talking to. It’s gotten a little confusing for me as far as what to adapt into my diet and what to respectfully put aside. Since my eye has remained healthy and I’ve shed the added weight, I’ve been playing around with recipes, calorie intake and deciding what are the best choices for me.
Some say eat tremendous amounts of everything raw, as in using NO heat… ever! For them it’s the only way to optimal health… and an empty bank account! Some eat mostly (80%) fruit being very careful to combine the right fruits together, never frozen, always fresh and no sweeteners (honey, agave etc). Others avoid animal products all together, but freely eat gluten and natural sweeteners. Then there are vegetarians who mix and match, this and that to different and various degrees, but swear by the “organic” label, anything else being poison.
Everyone seems to believe something different. Each article touts one aspect over another. But what’s right for me? And what’s practically “doable” to live alongside my large family?  All this investigating/reading began as I hunted up recipes. Most of which have been pretty tasty. I think I just wanted to be something, you know, fit into a category. Maybe I’ll make up my own title that sounds a little more …unpredictable. I can’t seem to stick to anyone’s outlines. Over spring break I told my husband, my only aim was to do just one wrong thing at a time. Some information is so contradicting… I’m not even sure what’s “right” anymore.
I have noticed that eating differently from everyone else at the table makes them feel a little uncomfortable. I have also noticed that my plant-based (closest definition I can come up with) diet brings other folks guilt. Neither of which I want. So what’s a girl like me (with a limited budget, who wants to be a part of all her family’s activities) to do? I’m still working on that one. It may be easier just to be the cow on the mower 🙂 Hanging in there- Anna

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  1. Over the weekend my fiancé grilled pork and I don’t eat meat very often. It made him feel terrible that he had nothin for me :/ sooo I feel your dilemma

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