Tonight I had the wonderful opportunity of skyping with our “1st Kid.” David and call him that because his name is also David, like my husbands and it gets confusing. This “kid” who’s now 32, married to an awesome woman and growing a beautiful family of 3 children, came into our lives some 10 years ago. It was Olya, a Russian student living with us that year (…another story) that brought him home. He was handsome and tan, full of southern California ways- unhappily living in our land-locked county.
What brought him to Georgia and where his family was living, endeared him to us. He became the 1st “big brother” to hang around our crowd. The kids adored him, especially our 2 sons! It just wasn’t a weekend if David didn’t show up to skateboard in the driveway or take them somewhere “cool.” Pretty much anything David did was cool. He had this way with words… being still somewhat of a teenager that made them listen. And he was never shy about his faith and walk with Christ!! As parents, we saw in him great potential for an amazing adult.
I soon found he had a weakness: homemade bread and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. “1st Kid” would call before heading over our way… always just with enough time for me to throw a batch in 🙂 Over the next 4 years he grew independent and confident, put himself through college and met and married his perfect match. God even allowed us to have a little hand in some of their love-story.
I am awed today with all God has done in this man, all that he has become. I find no greater joy than to witness a miracle. Every life is a miracle! What a gift it is to be a small part of someone’s story, to watch a person grow, to see God’s plan unfold and take shape, to know that He alone lays out our paths and supplies the love that we give and receive!

Here’s to our “1st Kid”- we are so very proud of you! To God be the Glory for all He has done!!! –Anna


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