Gone Green

Two months into my new plant-based lifestyle, my eye is still clear, my clothes are loose and my allergies are better than they’ve been in 20 years!!! I take my tiny Loratadine daily, as everything in the Atlanta area is in full bloom! However, in the past this just wasn’t enough if I sat at the soccer field, clipped bushes or cut the grass. Here I am OUT enjoying spring without any heavier allergy pills, WOHOO!
I’m amazed at how smoothly my meals are running from breakfasts of hot tea and kale/spinach & banana/berry smoothies, to a mid-morning porridge of 2Tbl. ground flax and chia with stevia, a BIG salad for lunch (quickly thrown together in the early morning rush). Then on to my own “protein-ball” snack of: almond butter, ground chia, oatmeal & raisins. The dinners I choose vary a bit, heavy on cooked veggies with some kind of beans and a grain (like quinoa or brown rice). Dessert favorite by far- fruit “ice-cream” (just frozen, blended fruit!).
It’s all very tasty to me now and something I actually crave… daily. My son, recently leaned on the counter and commented, “It’s just amazing that someone can change their eating habits over the course of a month.” Hah, well I guess I’m walking proof. It’s taken a good bit of experimentation to pick out what really works for me, but I’m determined and it’s paying off.
My life in general has been like that. God seems to use the formula time and time again. Showing me what needs to change, then offering a hopeful solution. By allowing me to try and even to fail, I keep on learning. Through each experience of life I gain new wisdom. Each lesson, custom-made, brings me closer to my desire to become more like His son. Whether it’s one of the big things of life or one of the small, looking to Him for help and guidance has proven: God is always there.
I’ve asked for His help in this new eating-habit thing and He’s given it. I figured,  Who knows better how to use plants for food than the One Who created them?! To me, that is walking with My Father. Asking, acknowledging He speaks, and then taking a shaky step and realizing He’s showing me the next, and the next. It’s experiencing Him over and over as the One Who will not fail me. It’s  living with Jesus beside me. It’s a deep-rooted belief in a great big God of unfailing faithfulness.
My joy is in the LORD and I rejoice simply because of Who He is… what He has done… all that awaits!!! -Anna

Gardenias, by anna

Gardenias, by anna

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    • LoveLoGo says:

      I hardly write anything nowadays because I’m studying at Uni but I like getting inspired every now and then. Well done… Your blogs are spirit filled 🙂

  1. Deina says:

    You girl are amazing!!! Your such an encouragement and I’m so proud if you!! I just love reading your blog!

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