My wonder of a husband had yet another colon check-up with his doctor in Alabama. He has been having some new “issues” as of January this year that progressed until they couldn’t be ignored.

He was due for a scope anyway (having had colon cancer in 2010). About every 6 months since his initial surgery something has been done. I couldn’t blame him for dragging his feet a little on this visit to search for a problem. He was really worried.

I wish I had a photo of his face when his surgeon said that he was pink & perfect inside! The issues he was experienced were probably due to his colon still adjusting from surgery, or stress, or diet, or exercise, or all combined. For a trim, healthy guy that was pretty vague, but it’s better than the alternative: “we found something.”

Joy, Joy! We celebrate every time there’s good news on his health! It reminds me again of all that God has done. Its why I bog. I pray we’ll never stop being thankful for life and family and love!

Just wanted to share the update,

ForGlorySake! -Anna

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