Gluten Free Lessons

Still largely vegetarian, dairy and all gluten-free my scleritis has NOT come back and I’ve been off all meds for over a week! I couldn’t be more pleased with this experiment. My scale is in the closet, so I can’t tell you how much I’ve lost. It was becoming a focal-point and that is not what this was all about. Either way, my immune system has been boosted and that’s what I was after. Go Veggies!
This week I joined an on-line Gluten Free cooking school. Mary Frances gives free lessons that come by email, you just sign up. It’s too easy! So far I’ve made her muffins, tortillas and cookies all excellent, especially the muffins which my picky kids ate up!!! Her website and blog can be found at:
Mary takes all of the mystery out of creating your own all-purpose flour mixture with a simple recipe. Once you mix a bag of this, the sky’s the limit on baking (which I love to do!). last night as I made tollhouse chocolate chip cookies for the fam, I had my own almond butter/oatmeal/chocolate chip balls close by 🙂 And today while I cooked up a storm (all things I don’t eat) I kept my yummy muffins near with a mug of hot tea.
I’ve mostly been dual cooking for my crew and self with just a bit of crossover. The more daring of my kids will try whatever I’m eating for dinner otherwise it’s just me enjoying  these new recipes. I love trying something new every time I go to the store. Last trip I decided on fennel root which I boiled til soft, ran through the food processor and ate like mashed potatoes- yum! The time before that I bought parsnips (white carrots) that blended great with other veggies in a chicken broth soup.
IMG_3493The crock pot, as usual for our large family, is a lifesaver in helping  me get all our dishes ready at the same time. So far so good, thank you for all the lovely recipes. Anna

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