My Trust Box

In past posts, I’ve written about the Hope Jars that I’ve made for my children, jars to put a penny in each time I see God working in that child’s life. These have been encouraging to me especially back when our son was struggling with drug addiction. I was reminded daily that my prayers were being heard and answered. Through the pile of pennies I could see God was active in small, but specific ways.
Today I’m thinking about another reminder I have sitting around, it’s a little family Trust Box. Everyone has access to this. It’s full of hopes and answers to prayer from over the years.  The little papers inside have requests written on one side and answers on the back, some with a date attesting to God’s continual faithfulness.
One says, “Should I go to this specific school this next year?” I remember we still homeschooled all that kids at that time. One child was really interested in flying the coop. She did… and the rest followed 🙂
Another slip of paper tells about a time when my heart breaking over yet another miscarriage- my 3rd. I already had been given 4 beautiful children. Still, it was difficult. God sent us a beautiful baby girl a year later. He understood.
Another mentions a request to have a friend, a best friend. They waited and waited (as a momma, that’s hard to watch), but God answered their prayer.
Another paper tells of a child breaking our hearts, with rebellion and trouble and attitude… now I see clear blue eyes where red used to be and an incredible story of grace that only God could’ve woven!

Others say, someone is afraid of the dentist, the car needs repair, unresolved work issues or prayer for the next surgery to come out well. You get the idea. The notes go on and on, but the pattern is the same. Not one request fell on deaf ears. They were all answered in God’s timing, in God’s way. We slowly learned to trust Him Who always knows best!  Yes, He is trustworthy with every hope offered to Him. He knows our hearts and cares about what you care about. I have a whole box to prove it.
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