My Trust Box

In a past post, I wrote about Hope Jars Containers full of pennies for each time I saw God working in my kid’s lives. These have been so encouraging to me especially in the dark moments when my prayers weren’t answered yet. The piles of pennies reminded me God heard and now I needed to wait on His timing.

Today I saw another reminder sitting around. It’s a little family Trust Box. We were given this at church years ago. Everyone in the house has access to it. It’s full of tiny pieces of folded paper with prayers we are trusting God for – requests on one side and answers on the other. Some even have a date attesting when it was answered.

One says, “Trusting God with which school for next year?” I remember we were still homeschooling all that kids at that time. Our oldest daughter wanted to try a Christian private academy. Her grandparents had offered to pay. She was really conflicted, but finally decided to fly the coop. The next year brought public school and after that all our kids followed.

Another paper tells of a time when my heart broke over our 3rd miscarriage. We had already been given 4 beautiful children. I felt sad and selfish. Still, it was difficult. Then God sent us a beautiful baby girl a year later. He understood.

Another mentions a request “to have a friend, a best friend.” They waited and waited (and as a momma, this is hard to watch). God answered their prayer… x10!

Another tells of a child breaking our hearts, with trouble and attitude… so hard to wait and pray and offer help that’s refused. This one I’m still praying over but I know it will be an incredible story someday. One that only God could’ve woven together!

Afraid of the dentist, the car needs repair, unresolved work issues, a prayer over a surgery.  The notes go on and on, but the pattern is the same. God has been active in small, but specific ways. Not one request fell on deaf ears. He is trustworthy with every prayer offered. He knows our hearts and cares about what you care about. How fun to have a whole box to prove it.
ForGlorySake! -Anna
Trust Box
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