Over 30 Days!

I passed the 30 day mark and decided to just keep on going. I have not had any more meat, but I’ve incorporated some unsalted chicken broth, a daily small square of dark chocolate and the occasional bite of a really good cheese (ie: has to be something I love).
Today I’ve completed a full 10 days of “every-other-day” on my steroid. Here goes the big jump to totally quitting all together. My husband keeps checking my eye and declaring it looks great. I won’t see the opthamologist until February’s end. I certainly feel good, especially having shed that extra weight. My body is changing too. Old cellulite is disappearing and my thighs are thinning even though I’m back to the same weight I’ve been for years. I think this plant-based diet is actually utilizing my fat stores 🙂 Can you hear the Hallelujahs?!
After blogging about this adventure, some terrific recipes and links to helpful websites have come my way. There are a lot of gluten-free and vegan folks out there! Thank you for sharing your stuff with me. I’m learning a lot.
Check these recipe sites out for yourself:
How to make a deep dish pizza in a skillet using your favortie pizza toppings. By: alexanderwillowharvey. (Vegan, but NOT gluten-free)
Uncle Howard’s Chocolate Ganache Tart: The Best Vegan (and healthiest) Dessert You Will Ever Eat. By: glutenfreegus
My Favourite ‘Ugly’ Meals. By: Emily Cooks Vegan
And Nutritional info:
Animal vs. vegetable based protein By: jennovafoodblog.
DrinkWaterEatOatmeal@worpress.com is a good one too.

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