Vegan Update

Today is day 26 of my experiment to boost my immune system. I have successfully moved to “every-other-day” dosages with the steroid (prednisone 5mg) and so far my eye has shown NO signs of the dreaded scleritis! I have dropped a total of 13lbs on the “vegan diet”  recommended by Dr. Fuhrman in Eat To Live. Pretty good considering that prednisone causes unnatural insulin release, thus the weight gain.
As of day 21 (Sat.) I tried eating some sushi and each day after have had at least a bit of some animal product (in small amounts). Being careful to avoid all gluten thus far and cow’s milk, I am still experimenting with this whole thing. I have continued with the BIG salad daily and a “smoothy” made of an assortment of frozen fruits and kale (this using my food processor). One thing I have noticed is that my taste buds are much more sensitive to salt and all flavors in general. Another is the sluggish feeling I have when waking up in the morning after consuming any meat…  as opposed to a veggie-only diet. I sleep much harder & sounder however. Interesting.
Last night I made a dinner of brown rice, a small skillet of white fish and a large pot of different squashes steamed. My family loved it with just a bit of blackening spice thrown on. In the past, the fish would have taken a good portion of the plate, but a small amount over the rice did the trick and satisfied my crowd. Much cheeper, I must say! They seem to be learning by example without pressure. Everyone also loves mixed frozen fruit blended in the food processor like ice-cream… minus the kale of course.
I can not call myself a Vegan anymore, but I have learned a lot from their diet and plan to keep some of these nutritional pluses. I do look at food much differently now; as to whether  it is “food” at all. Does it feed my cells and what effect will this or that have on my body after I eat it? As I continue to adjust, it’s nice to know at 46, I’m not too old to change my ways 🙂
To God be the Glory for the real food He alone has made! Here’s to your health- Try to eat something good for your body today, AnnaIMG_3387

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