Eat To Live

I mentioned back in December about being diagnosed in late October with Scleritis (an inflammatory  eye decease) and how medicine had seemed to clear it up. Well after 2 months on steroids, I was done! Fuzzy face with acne break-outs and a 18lb weight gain had convinced me -there MUST be a better way! Slowly my dosage was decreased from 40mg to 5mg which helped some of the excess weight to drop off, however when I tried to come off the prednisone entirely, the scleritis came back 🙁 What to do?
I’ve tested negative for all other related autoimmune illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, still something seems to be off with my immune system! My friend Marianne (who has courageously fought lung cancer for 4 years) convinced me to join her on a Vegan fast (Eat To Live by Dr. Fuhrman) for 30 days. We are detoxing and boosting our immune systems with fruits and vegetables by the ton. NO meat, NO dairy, NO gluten, NO salt and NO sugar! At day 15, I’m feeling VERY healthy, never hungry and more resolved than ever to get off these steroids. What I wouldn’t do for my waistline, I’ll suffer through for my eyes…
It will be interesting to see where this takes me, if it really benefits my sight and if I’ll keep any of these new green habits. I’ll keep you posted just incase it works so you can try it too. Two myths I’ve already busted for myself: veggies really can fill you up and give you enough energy and I’m not as addicted to coffee or chocolate as I thought I was. The only craving I’ve really had is for cheese 🙂 FYI- everyday I eat a BIG salad -that takes all day to chew (1lb of raw veggies) and I “juice” a green-goodness shake of kale & fruit. The rest is cooked veggies, some whole-grains and any raw fruit. Very simple, like Daniel 1:8-16.
By the way 12 lbs have disappeared! -A

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