By My Side

By My Side:

A child of God born to earth, though always doubtful of my worth.

Living life- a precious gift, so unaware… I drift and drift.

Lost and searching on my own, yet I was never all alone.

God was watching, ever near, calling… but I would not hear.

Hardened heart, conscience killed, deep and dark and danger-filled.

Til the bottom so far down, sunk my ship. I’d run aground!

There He was, my eyes could see, the One who had been calling me.

God held out His love so wide, He’d always been there by my side.

Though I’d lived so foolishly, He’d never lost His hold of me. -anna 2013

I am thrilled to share that our son, Ben will be speaking February 7th 2013 to Parents of Prodigals (a support group of Prodigal Child Ministries in West Cobb County). He will be telling about his journey through drug addiction and recovery with The Insight Program. This will be his first opportunity to speak, with hopefully more to follow. Ben sees this as an opportunity to share his faith and the hope God offers everyone through Jesus. To God be the glory! Prayers appreciated.

ForGlorySake! -Anna

“For My Father has given them (sheep) to Me, He is more powerful than anyone else. No one can snatch them from the Father’s hand.” John 10:29
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