A week ago I had the privilege of visiting a full-gospel church. The worship was free, the message sincere, and the prayer so personal. Never underestimate when a church offers one on one prayer. Ben and I went forward to have his recovery group prayed for. We share an intense longing for the Insight kids to know real Hope. I briefly explained to an older man near the alter our request. Suddenly he turned and laid his hands on my son.

I wondered if he’d heard what I said. Yet his words pierced my heart. It was as if he’d opened my journal and read my thoughts. This gentle saint commissioned my 16 year old to, “go and share God’s love and hope in the field where you have been planted.” He then called on the Holy Spirit to “boldly equip and use this young man just as God made him.” He told Ben directly, “God will use you exactly as you are, with the people that understand you.” I was amazed. My heart was being spoken out loud by someone I didn’t even know. I knew Ben was thinking I’d set tis whole thing up.

Later, I was reading in my study of Paul. I came across a similar commission for another young man, uniquely qualified and prepared for God’s service. A child of a Jewish and Greek home, trained by Paul and set up as the pastor in Ephesus. Timothy’s unusual background gave him insight into the city where he was called. God wastes nothing, uses everything, always prepares us… even before we realize.

We are front row to a unfolding miracle. God is fulfilling all the promises I searched for and prayed over this child. I’m realizing, it wasn’t my prayers that shaped all this… it was in those intense moments of prayer that I began to catch a bit of God’s vision

Far above anything I can fathom. Allowing me to participate in what You do. Thank You, for the incredible mysterious gift of prayer. You will do what You will do.

ForGlorySake! -Anna

  light in a dark world…And that special gift of ministry you were given when the leaders of the church laid hands on you and prayed—keep that dusted off and in use.” I Timothy 4:14

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