mom Morsel-part 2

Last year I wrote a little piece called Mom Morsels- part 1, I promised a follow up. These are tips and bits of advice on mothering I’ve collected for years:

  • It’s good for kids to see their parents kiss and hug. Make them wait while you have your time together talking.
  • Flirt with your husband
  • Tell your children, you love your husband the most. You love them bunches, but if you had to choose, you’d choose him. 
  • Encourage your husband in his parenting-ways. Praise him in front of the children.
  • Kids only whine if you’re willing to listen to it.
  • Give your attention to your husband 1st, the kids 2nd. Make them wait.
  • Hang a calendar by the nursery door and write one new change your baby makes each day for a year. 
  • olive oil on a pregnant belly is better and cheaper than all the expensive cremes on the market. 1000s of years old.
  • Pray for your child to have a wise heart, it’s worth more than good grades.
  • Try to remember: every mess and every spill is just some spot that may not have been cleaned today 🙂
  • Children will copy your fears, attitudes, words, actions.
  • If you swim underwater with your children, they will swim underwater also.
  • Only use plastic trashcans in the bathrooms. Use old grocery bags for the trash and fast removal, as these can double as a throw up bin for a sick child.
  • As you cook, put things away after using them. Less clean up.
  • Clean a part of a different bathroom every day. Vacuum once a week: upstairs one week/ downstairs next. Sweep or dry mop daily.
  • Kids can help with dusting by putting socks on their hands.
  • Designate some toys for different floors or just for their room. Less is more. Put some up and rotate them out.
  • Cut the children’s hair yourself. Watch videos about cutting and trimming, it will save a fortune! Invest in hair scissors and an electric shaving kit.

ForGlorySake! -Anna

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