A Year

You know a lot can happen in a year and in our family its been tremendous! Looking at us from last year, someone might notice changes in height, hair length, deepened voices, a few wrinkles here and there, but the real changes have taken place on the inside.
David has recovered from his last and final surgery in his “health saga” that started back in October 2010. We are all incredibly thankful that he did so well through the hernia repairs. There’s no new surgery to schedule, not even a Doctor’s appointment on the calendar yet! -A time of rest.
Our very big and very handsome 16 year old has also made some astounding progress. Today he is alive and sober (for nearly 5 months)! He completed a teen rehab out-patient program that literally saved his life and ours. This time last year we were clueless about addiction, that it had a hold of our child and what a killer it is! Now I see a clear-eyed, level-headed man, wise beyond his years all because he has yielded his life completely to the only One Who can truly manage it.
A year ago my mom was diagnosed with hydrocephalus (water on the brain). She received a permanently implanted pump that helps relieve pressure buildup. We wondered if she would walk again, we wondered how my father would care for her. We wondered if they would have to move from their home to a facility. She has improved and they have stayed alone in their home… for now.
Each of these things were hard-hitting, but having them all hit at once was a bit overwhelming. Probably the hardest was seeing the last of our savings go! When David was not able to work, business was slow and his clients also were unable to pay for long stretches. We’d have lost our home more than once had it not been for friends and family (!) that helped us in our crisis. We are forever thankful.
God provided again and again at just the right time in so many ways. It helps me to know That He was never surprised or caught off guard by what was happening to us. He had a handle on all the seeming chaos. Everyday He offered me peace IF I would just reach out and take a hold of it. It all came down to simply trusting in His greatness and mercy… waiting on His timing and hanging onto hope.
God promises to make all things beautiful in His time. He promises to bring something good out of all that happens in our lives. I believe Him. In this last year I can see it. I can look back and see He was moving all along… putting pieces in place at just the right time…. creating a frame, laying a path, mending bodies and preparing hearts to change. In countless ways I know today I can’t judge what I see with my eyes, or trust how quickly my heart feels hopeless. God is moving. He works on our behalf. It’s all for good, it’s all for good, it’s ALL for good.
I am stronger from waiting on Him and richer in blessings from His perfect timing. The pain at times was excruciating, (how thankful I that we don’t ever have to go back), but the rewards are delicious. Only our God can do that! -Anna
“You, LORD, are all I have, and You give me all I need; my future is in Your hands. How wonderful are Your gifts to me; how good they are.” Psalms 16:5-6 GNB

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