Lessons Among Blueberries

Poppy, our grandfather took my two youngest girls and me blueberry picking early the other morning. We met the farmer of the beautiful grove and he began to teach us a bit about his little blue fruit. So many things that I’ve read and heard preached on that correlate to our spiritual walk, came out of his mouth. He mentioned the bushes he prized for their abundance of fruit and how he pruned them back at just the right time to get them to produce more. He said the really sweet berries were hidden deep inside the protective branches and that we should avoid the hard green and pink ones because they had not had time to ripen in the sun… they were terribly sour. It was all like a lesson on spiritual growth and as I ate handful after handful I wondered about the stage of “sweetness” of my own fruit.
In the midst of his lessons he let us know that he was a 2 time cancer survivor only to have been diagnosed a 3rd- this time in his blood. You would never have guessed it from his serenity and obvious hard work. I was amazed. He also told a story of his visiting niece who had recently suffered a stroke. It had cost the use of her right arm and had taken away the control of her tongue. We heard her speaking and it was difficult to understand. She had been a teacher all her life and now sounded as if she had trouble learning. A daughter was with her, a child she had adopted long ago. This child- now grown had been born deaf and mute. She had had been raised and loved by a teacher. Think of it. Who better than this daughter could understand her mother’s new frustration with communicating? Who better than this daughter could give back to the one who had helped her overcome her own disabilities. I thought, “Who knew to put these two together but God?” God in his mercy, God in His goodness goes before us and smoothes the way. He knows the future and plans ahead for us. Nothing is wasted.
Beautiful, gentle reminders in a blueberry patch that He is the Master Gardener always watching over his plants, tenderly loving us and helping us to bear good fruit for His glory.

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  1. Suzanna Newton says:

    I needed that today, Anna. Thank you. S x

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