This year started with such drama and sadness, but is shaping up to be one of our favorites! So many amazing milestones have brightened the way. Two of the biggest: our son’s sobriety date and our daughter’s high school graduation! We are incredibly proud of them both.

So much hard work went into this semester for all the Etheriedge crew. Soccer season for 3 and a kid who won the game with a fractured wrist! Band performances, 6 birthdays accomplished, so much knowledge gained at Parent Support. A driver’s license earned, prom and a promotion at work. Also my dad turned 80! We’ve tried our best and God did the rest.

I am so thankful now for school finishing up and some summer fun ahead with the kids. David and I will leave for Birmingham again and his last surgery, we hope. Then just rest and recovery at home, with a slow move back into work. We are trusting God for an easy time, yet we have seen what He can do with the worst of circumstances… so there is nothing to fear.

Thank You, LORD for the many milestones and happy moments You have brought us. This has been such a blessed spring. We give You all the praise and Glory for Your mercy and grace. In Jesus’ matchless Name.

ForGlorySake! -Anna

spring 2012
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