A Place To Start

When my mind, soul and body have been under the stress and strain of  emotional trauma, I have definitely needed extra help focusing my thoughts on God. Focus in any form can be a challenge -sometimes it’s been near impossible. I’ve left my keys and phone in strange places, I’ve forgotten to do very normal everyday activities and when other people have been talking to me I’ve heard about half of what they were saying. Life and death stress will do that to you! Any kind of stress can put the brain  on overload. One of my friends, while her body was in a state like this, left her car running in a parking space at the movie theater and went inside to watch a movie. Thankfully her car wasn’t stolen!
More than ever before, at times like this we all need to feel the Lord close and to be feeding on His Word. I can remember times kneeling and my mind racing in all directions. I would cry for lack of words and what exactly to pray. I’d hold my Bible and my thoughts would just go blank. I couldn’t even think which verses to turn to. It was frustrating. I needed a place to start.
My dear friend gave me a treasure at this time, it became a life-line. It was a small daily devotional. Just a short message of hope about God’s love for me, followed by several scripture references to look up. I didn’t have to think, I only had  open it up every morning and read the day’s treasure. I always believed God would have something personally for me, every day. I just kept on reading in the Bible until I found it!
I remember clinging to that little book and my Bible in waiting areas and hospital rooms.

It was a place to begin and it launched me into further study again and again. I’m sure it will always be precious in my library because of the little notes of daily struggles scribbled across the pages. I’ve already been reminded so many times of how God met me when I needed it most.
The next time you have a friend, a family member or even find yourself  in a place like I’ve described, I pray this idea of offering a “place to start” will help. Something light, something encouraging…
it just may be a life-line.

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