Can and Will

Facing surgery again this summer is no fun. For those that know us, we have had our fill of hospital stays and unexpected procedures. In October of 2010 my husband, David was diagnosed with colon cancer. That initial surgery lead to a severe infection (sepsis) from a tear and resulted in several other procedures and surgeries, with a long recovery time. Here we are nearly a year and a half from the time we began… and it’s not over yet.

Through all of these “adventures” I have discovered that I LOVE to write. And because, in all of these things God has continually shown Himself faithful, I have something to write about. He has driven home to me personally again and again that He has a plan and He is able!
There is something to knowing and believing your Father will take care of you. I had believed He was able to do anything, before this season came along. There’s a children’s song we used to sing at our church club that goes, “My God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there’s nothing my God can not do for you.” This wasn’t hard for me to take in; the fact that God can. The difficult part  for me came in the moments when I needed Him to act on our behalf… now! Would He do something right at that moment for us? Yes He could, but would He… for me?
Who knows the mind of God, but the Spirit of God. How can we ever assume to predict what He’s got up His sleeve… or where He’s going with “this?” The peace that passes all understanding came and settled in my heart -to stay, when I let it all go, fell back into His everlasting arms and finally came to the point of KNOWING, He wouldn’t do anything unless it was for my good. And I could be assured of His willingness to do it.
Ahhh the peace, the rest, the ability to move through all the days with the knowledge He WILL, He WILL, He WILL. Had I not walked through the fire and the flood over and over; had I not felt His hands hold me again and again, I may not know this amazing blessed assurance. It is just as Jesus said it would be in Matthew 5:4:
“Blessed and enviably happy [with a happiness produced by the experience of God’s favor and especially conditioned by the revelation of His matchless grace] are those who mourn,  for they shall be comforted!”AMP
No matter what your “mourning” [sadness, grief, distress, longing unfulfilled] is caused by, be comforted and KNOW He will (work it for good) for you. -A

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