Easier Than I Thought

When I was a child, we attended a church that used a lot of ceremony and repetition in their services. I memorized many prayers and hymns that I used to speak to God. When I discovered Jesus as my own personal Savior and friend, I found out that praying could come from my heart, in my own words. I could even sing praises I made up myself.
The longer I have walked with the Lord (and the last 36 months have felt like a lifetime!) the more I have realized it’s easier than I thought. The whole “giving and taking” of my relationship with Him doesn’t have to be frantic or hard pressed. I do believe it’s important to set aside focused time for the 2 of us, but there’s no need to set a timer or accomplish a list of prayers. He’s flexible and He knows all I have to do. When I simply focus on enjoying Him, He makes available to me what I so desperately need in a “quiet time” and throughout the day.
More and more, I can sense His presence during those moments of life’s chaos. He is there, measured and steady, available no matter what whirls about me. I am learning, with each circumstance, to breathe slowly and focus on being aware of Him. It takes effort. It takes practice. The difference? My reaction. Those brief seconds before that look crosses my face or that word pops out of my mouth, are critical. It changes me. It changes the atmosphere around me.
I’m all feelings, I’m passionate, I’m dramatic. God is love and truth and mercy and calm. Him through me makes ALL the difference. This peace is more available to me every second of every moment, than I could’ve imagined. It’s just there… available to be tapped into. Trust that He IS. Trust that He WILL. Trust that He DOES. Like the saying goes, it’s really not all about me… it’s all about Him! And it’s thankfully becoming easier than I thought.

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