Thankfully Aware!

Today I wrote, “To God be the Glory!” on a payment of a bill I mailed that was MUCH over due. I was so thrill to pay off this account I wrote, “Praise God!!” in the checkbook by the entry. I have noticed things like this happening more and more; exclamations in a shoe store over a fabulous sale on boy’s, extra LARGE tennis shoes with just enough left over for a pair for me (!), and nearly tears of thanks when an idea came to mind for a meal with just the ingredients I had on hand.
What is all this show of emotion? I can tell you it’s not drummed up. It just bubbles over. God is showing Himself faithful in many, many small ways. He meets our needs daily. I ask and just wait for Him to provide as He sees fit. It is a blessing. Would I have volunteered for this position our family finds itself in? No, but it IS a blessing to “see” God take care of us. If you have never “been here” I’m not sure I can explain what it feels like to be provided for so personally by His hand. It is truly touching and all I can do is praise Him. I don’t think I could keep it quiet if I tried!
I believe these experiences from my husband’s past cancer, our son’s journey through addiction rehabilitation, to our season of “lack” are big investments God has made into our lives. In many ways they have been gifts to us, because through them ALL He has  shown Himself faithful as never before. I want to tell you that it’s been hard, but He has held us throughout. God has NEVER left us. We are sorely stretched, but not broken. And the outcome? A greater faith in Who He is and the promises He makes. God is my Rock and My Fortress; a great Deliverer! He has always been there, it’s just that now I am…. Thankfully Aware!
“…Great gifts mean greater responsibilities; greater gifts, greater responsibilities.” Luke 12:48 The Message
“Lord, I don’t want to miss my responsibility as Your follower to share the Hope that I carry inside me. Thank You for the gifts, however they come wrapped. To You be the Glory!” -A

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