Finding Your "Ministry"

When I became a Believer (Follower of Christ) at 11, I wanted to do something for God; something big and significant… maybe become a missionary! I hoped He’d send someone to tell me what it would be.  I waited, but no one came. Someone told me that God would use my talents. I was a ballet dancer, so I thought that must be it! I’ll be a star and tell the world about Jesus. Things didn’t work out quite that way.
At almost 19, living in a small studio apartment in San Francisco, CA with another dancer, I began to wonder if my ministry would EVER start. I assumed I just wasn’t good enough yet. Class after class, performance after performance… I was not becoming anything, but very sore and underpaid. After a year of this, I got on my knees with a  friend from home and we lifted our voices together, asking God if surely there wasn’t something more out there for 2 ballet-trained Christians. We dreamed of how cool it would be to dance for the LORD! That summer I left San Francisco Ballet for The Atlanta Ballet and free room & board with Mom and Dad.
Where was God in all this? Was a ministry ever going to develop for me? I struggled through my time there, being the freaky Christian girl, who didn’t date, didn’t smoke, didn’t drink and was always reading her Bible. What they didn’t know was that I was DESPERATE for answers. I wanted something more. “More” finally came the following May, when I discovered a Christian traveling ballet company out of Jackson, MS.! I cancelled my contract and joined up. Love at first step. Ballet Magnificat had formed just the year before… when I’d been praying for a place to “dance for the LORD.” Wow, finally…. was this my ministry?
What I learned during that amazing time, traveling all over the United States, presenting the Gospel through the medium of dance, was that ALL of my life had been “my ministry.”  When I was 11 and a new Believer, it was my new found hope and joy as I told others. When I was a teenager it should’ve been my conviction to do what was right no matter the cost (ah, regret). When I moved away from home and stood alone for Christ it WAS my conviction of faith and my sometimes foolhardy love for the street people I saw. Even my searching for God, in front of folks who thought I was a little nuts, was my ministry, but I couldn’t see it then.
It isn’t a job that causes us to be significant for the LORD, we minister as we live life WITH the LORD. Jesus commanded us to love and by that love show we are His. If you are waiting for a ministry to come your way, treat your life as such. It’s now; today, on your doorstep. Love who has been given you to love. Serve who has been given you to serve. Do ALL in the name of the LORD Jesus Christ.. and nothing, nothing will be waisted. -Anna

“…. my dear, dear friends, stand your ground. And don’t hold back. Throw yourselves into the work of the Master, confident that nothing you do for Him is a waste of time or effort.” 1Corinthians 15:58

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2 Responses to Finding Your "Ministry"

  1. Audrey Hancock says:

    When I watched you dance I cried every time. It was a beautiful gift you gave to the LORD.

    • acetheriedge says:

      Thank you, Audrey. I loved dancing when I was young 🙂 God promised me I’d dance again, but next time in the throne-room… Get ready cause we’re gonna have a ball!!!

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