Silence Is Golden

The other day I went to a nearby park to run and about a half mile from the car I finally untangled my earphones and tried to turn on my mp3 player. No sound. Opening the back I discovered -no batteries! Too far to turn back now, I kept on in silence. I usually don’t like to hear myself huff and puff and I DO enjoy our local Christian radio station. Interesting… miles of silence. I always pray when I run. I talk to God about this and that. This day, my heart was heavy, and the thoughts ran over each other. Soon my thinking slowed with my pace and I ran question after question with time in between to think. It was wonderful, refreshing, soul-lifting. When I had to leave (too soon) and drive for a pick up, I didn’t break the silence. I listened and waited for His impression on all these things. I heard His encouragement and His guidance. It was a wonderful time.


Noise surrounds us day by day

Say to the silence, it’s ok

Turn off the sounds, listen to breath 

run for a while in silence


Sit alone, don’t be afraid

Look more carefully at what God made

Take a walk, slow it down

Take your walk in silence


Ask your questions, state your mind

Think a minute, listen a while

Wait for answers He’s waited to give

Find your peace in silence


Noisy noise, too much sound

Search for quiet til it’s found

Treasure rare is waiting you

Spend some time with silence

-Anna 4/2012


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