God Speaks To Me

Today I asked God some specific questions. I really wanted some specific insights, if not answers. Not that He OWES me anything, it’s just that this week has been particularly trying and I have continued with all my heart, soul and mind to be all that I am presently preserving as “faithful.” So what’s the deal? What am I missing here? I know God to be faithful and trustworthy. I know Him to be loving and merciful, but I also know Him to be chastening and disciplinary. When things “seem” out-of-control (chaos) I understand that I CAN also be right in the center of His will for me. What I see as happening may just be my perception. I needed some clarity!
I sat down with my devotional, Bible, journal and pen. I started by telling God my heart’s quest for today, this moment, as If He had no idea where I was coming from. It helps me to talk to Him out loud, then I can hear how I sound (my attitude).  I asked for His Word to be alive and active and tell me something personal today.
I wrote in my journal, my questions to Him.
1. “What IS the plan here, Lord?” (I thought about what He’d say; what His Word says)  –My plans are not the same plans as you’ve thought of, My ways aren’t the same ways you come up with and think of using. Isaiah 55:8
2.”Whatever way You want to use, why aren’t You coming and rescuing us from all of this?”  –I will be found by you, I will end your ‘captivity’ and restore your ‘fortunes,’ I will get you out of all the ‘places’ I’ve driven you, I’m going to bring you home. Jeremiah 29:13 (Kind of vague, but really at the basis of a Believer’s Hope.)
3. “Ok, but when? It really seems late!”  –I AM not slow in keeping my promises as you think of slowness, I AM patient with you… 2 Peter 2:9
4. “Well then, what do I do in the meantime? I don’t know what I should do today.”  –Don’t worry. I will certainly care for you. Matthew 6:30 & 31 Go out and work in the vineyard today. Matthew 21:28
5. “Lord, I don’t have a vineyard. I’m not sure where that is or how You want me to do that.”  –Although I have given you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction, I AM with you to teach you. You will see Me with your eyes and you will hear Me with your ears. Right behind you My voice will say, “This is the way you should go,” whether to the right or to the left. Isaiah 30: 20 & 21
“Ok, Lord no more questions. Thank You for Your patience with me. I will trust You to be my Bread of Life for that bread of adversity and my Living Water for that water of affliction. You are truly ALL I need.” -A

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