Angry At God?

Have you ever been angry at God, blamed Him for whatever’s going on? I have. I lived angry for years. Angry at the God I served. I didn’t even realize who I was mad at. I thought I was mad at me!
Life wasn’t working out how I had planned. I felt I was being faithful and doing all the right things and still I could NOT make what I wanted to, happen. I thought something must be wrong with me. Constant frustration took it’s toll. So I took matters into my own hands… never a pretty sight!
It took me a while to realize I was fighting God. I wanted Him to conform His plans to mine. He wouldn’t. It wasn’t until I let go, stepped back and opened my heart to WHATEVER He had for me, that I found peace. Peace is quite a treasure when you have none! It’s worth dying for. I died to my self, my plan, my dreams. Then and only then, I found it- in His. Some may say, that’s not right! Reach for your dreams, don’t let anything get in your way. Think of yourself, follow your plan. Well, all I can say is, I’ve tried it both ways and God’s way brought me fulfillment.
Through cancer and dealing with a parent with brain disfunction and a child in Rehab and utter financial crisis, this season in my life should’ve put me in a pit. And yet, I have found peace beyond this world’s security. God has proven Himself to me again and again. He has been there beside me through EVERY circumstance. He lifts my valleys and lowers the hills, straightening out the path before me. Day by day my strength is renewed with small joys to make me laugh. How could I not love a life like that? How can I not trust a in a plan MUCH BIGGER than I am able to see?!
Dear friend, let your anger at God go. Let your plans go. Let Him have the chance to show you all that He’s created you for; all that His love offers. And peace, wonderful peace beyond understanding will flood your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. -A

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