Dirty Dog

We have a crazy 5 year old bird dog that lives for a chance to squeeze between you and the door and get out. He then runs through our neighborhood at 30+ mph non-stop! Finally, when he can go on no further without water, he rolls in something terribly stinky and comes home. My reaction  is always the same. “Don’t let that dog in, he’s covered in poo and it smells terrible!” He will sit out back in the fenced in yard with a pitiful look on his face.
Just this weekend it happened again. I had no time to deal with it. Our sweet 11 year old animal lover, full of compassion, looks at that dirty dog with such sympathy and says, “But, Momma, he can’t clean himself.” Ahhh, the truth and the lesson of that!
Aren’t we all dirty dogs at one time or another? For whatever crazy reason, our good, safe  boundaries are not enough, so we squeeze out feeling so clever and free only to find that whatever pleasure there was to be had is short-lived and carries consequences. Rats! Now homeward bound in search of living water, we are admitted, stink and all. God in His gracious mercy ALWAYS has the time to deal with our mess. He’s never surprised and never turns away a pitiful soul that wants “back in.”
As I washed and washed and washed my dog today, I thought of how many times I have been just like him… going back and rolling in the same stink again. And I thanked my loving Heavenly Father for His patience with me in getting off all the poo and showing me a better way.
“Thank You Lord for the object lesson. Help me to have more compassion on the other dirty dogs in my life. You are so good to us; such a gentle Master.” -A


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