How are you at receiving? It comes in many forms; gifts, compliments, criticism, help and assistance, the truth, forgiveness, blessings… love. Sometimes it’s hard to receive. Sometimes I feel like my family has been receiving and receiving from others, because of our “position of need” time and again. It can be such a blessing, but very humbling.
Now when God gives generously to me I never have trouble receiving. That is as long as I perceive the gift as “good.” Like James 1:17 says-“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” However, sometimes my perception is off.
It’s the things I think that are NOT good or rather “a pain”, that I have trouble fitting into the blessings category. Why does He send those to His people? Is God unjust or cruel to give me circumstances that are difficult, painful and unwanted? As surely as God says His ways are not our ways, He uses the unusual in our lives. No doubt He is creative and when He told us all things will be worked together for our good… He truly meant ALL things.
So we receive the good, the so-called bad and sometimes even the ugly from the hand of the Lord, and wait to see just what He will bring after. But don’t forget receiving involves something from us -accepting. It requires an openness to His will; a curiosity even at what He can do “here” with “this.” In the meantime pray, telling Him just what you’re hoping for while you wait. Seek God’s presence moment by moment; to be near Him.  And read and reread scriptural promises for encouragement. I keep a running cheat sheet of these on my phone. Journaling is a great way to record all your highs and lows as you go along too. Then someday when the LORD, in His perfect timing brings the “good” to light that you’ve been waiting for, you can go back and read about His faithfulness!
This is why I write, this is why I share. He has never left me. He is my faithful Father. He is yours too.

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  1. Audrey Hancock says:

    Thanks, Anna. We are going through a tough time because some people we have blessed have betrayed us and lied about us. My desire is to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus no matter what… even through the tears. I enjoy reading your blog. May Jesus keep upholding you with His righteous right hand.

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