Rivers, Fire, Deer and E.R.

My last few days have been full of rivers and fire. Not literally, but in manner of trials coming one after another. Thursday brought a visit to Urgent Care for our son who’s continued to cough and have a chocking amount of congestion. It was a long visit with x-rays and a diagnosis of “stress-induced asthma.” He had to have a breathing treatment, shots and a prescription for antibiotics before we finally got out of there late afternoon.
At the same time, my 76 year old mom with Hydrocephalus fell again. This time on the tile floor of her bathroom at her home. My dad was there and they assured me she was fine, just sore. I had a commitment to drive a carpool, so we did not go in rush-hour traffic and see her.
Friday there was no school, but David and I worked at the office. I did not have a car to go and see about my mom. She admitted over the phone that she was still very sore and uncomfortable, but getting along.
Saturday I was finally able to drive in to Atlanta. I found that she could hardly move from bed to bath, however she did NOT want to see a doctor. I ran an errand for them, stayed as long as I could, and got word that my husband was very sick at home. Same day, 11:30pm, our newest driver of 16 days (!) was hit by a big deer on a dark rainy highway. My oldest daughter and I got up and went to the rescue. Driver was fine, car not so much.
Sunday after calling about towing services, my sister in Florida informed me Mom had finally agreed to go to the hospital near their home. I left David with 101 fever, in the care of our oldest girl and drove in to take Mom to the E.R. It took 4 hours for a CT, but they found something… 2 breaks in her upper back! While she was being scanned, I was getting frantic texts from my children that their Dad’s fever was really high and he was talking crazy. Twice the kids had to help put him in cool water to lower his temp from 106! Nothing was working, but I could not leave my Mom. She was released at 7pm with a neck brace and pain meds. I tucked her in at her home, set Dad as a sentry and headed north. My husband’s fever was 103 by the time I got home and steadily came down as the night wore on. Praise the Lord, no E.R. for him.
Some days are like that aren’t they? We don’t always walk through gardens on vacation, but one thing we are promised is that our God ALWAYS walks with us. He promises our circumstances will not overwhelm us and the trials we go through will not stay and reduce us to ashes. He knows just how much we can take and He uses it all for our good, we only need eyes to see.
“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you, and through the rivers, they will not overwhelm you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned or scorched, nor will the flame kindle upon you. For I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior;…” Isaiah 43:2
“Thank You Father for sticking beside me, never giving me more than is possible to handle and always doing far more than I can ask or think” -A

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