September 2008, brought us a yard full of boys. As usual our son Ben, at that time 12, had gathered them all to play “ball”… any ball. Ben collects people and brings them home like some kids collect bugs or pets.

Keith in blue 2009

Among this group were 2 boys that caught my eye. Actually they were hard to miss, between them was over 500lbs. One in particular had quite a story and the more I heard about him the more my heart tugged at me to pray.
Over a 9 month period we got to know these 2 better. Slowly, slowly they came closer; into the house, at the table and overnight on the couch. We held our breath when they both sat down. 🙂 One in particular needed a family. I wanted that “child” and I told God as much. By June, living situations had changed and this “one” was asked a question at my kitchen counter that he struggled with for 2 days. We asked him if he would like to live with us and become a part of our family. I got a yes.
That summer of 2009, Joseph “Keith” Knight moved in with a small box of personal things and a lot of insecurities. The transformation from teenager to man has been miraculous. Keith got his diver’s license and graduated from high school that 1st year. He continued to get noticed and move up in his job with Kroger. He’s now an Assistant Produce Manager. His diligence in becoming healthy has paid off in a buff physique nearly 100lbs lighter! He is on time, responsible and extremely dependable, all of which are his own doing.
I look back in amazement at what God did for us nearly 3 and half years ago. He not only expanded our family, He grew our hearts and brought us all closer together. Keith has such a wonderfully simple way of looking at life, because of where he’s been he doesn’t miss what’s important… and often reminds us. My life is richer for knowing him. God knew we needed at least 1 more.
“Thank You, Lord for bringing blessings when we least expect them and in Your incredibly unfathomable ways! You are the giver of good gifts; especially talented at surprises. Thank You for Keith, bless the rest of his family for sharing him with us.”-A
“And she called his name Joseph [God will add] and said, May the Lord add to me another son.” Genesis 30:24
Keith with Bethany 2012

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