Life goes on

Life goes on in the midst of crisis. Houses have to cleaned, groceries have to be shopped for, doctor appointments and physical therapy. My dad has been trying to care for my mom, but this is not his habit or nature. This has been quite a struggle and they seem to need more and more help. 

My mom’s shunt surgery went well (4/11), she is functioning better in some ways (a straight walking gate, clearer speech) worse in others (extreme light sensitivity, very dizzy, anti-social). My dad is also telling me occasionally he is confused about this or that, yet can still rattle off account numbers, follow the stock market with precision and talk all things cars.

It is hard to know when and where to step in, they are my parents after all. They work pretty well together and know what they want. We tried a bit of in-home care/ help with chores. Mom only wants me. And yet they will call my sister in Florida when they’ve fallen or are in a dilemma!

I’m going to see them more often to help with things around the house. Dad gets VERY frustrated with his computer. He forgets how to open and close safari and calls me, yelling. Sometimes its a 45 minute trip into Atlanta just to fix the issue. 

With everything else going on, I guess its a good break. Its a slow quiet world at their house, where you work silently and take a slow walk every day. Rain or shine. It gives me moments to pray in the car and a thankfulness for where I come from. It helps me see how short life is and what’s important today. God is my Shepherd. He’s their’s too. He has not left them… and He has not left me.

ForGlorySake! -Anna

Grandma and Papa
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